3 thoughts on “March 28 – a Thursday

  1. I’m trying to understand this one. Is it war? There are drums, and planes, and gatherers. I take it the vultures are not birds. Or if they are, they are not behaving characteristically. Then again contrails would not be present in war, would they? For they would give away the plane’s location. So perhaps it’s simply an afternoon scene with a thunderous sound in the distance, a plane flying overhead, and farmers working the fields?


  2. Angela, I am not surprised at the misunderstanding. There is ambiguity built into the haiku. There is a 165 year gap between lines one and two. A distinctly anti-haiku thing to do. So there you go.

    L1 Crimean drums – England and France declared war on Russia in 1854
    L2 Contrails – they were in my sky on my way to work. The ripping reminded me of time. What if one side of the contrail was in a different time than the other?
    L3 Vultures gather hay – back to the above – an allusion to war and all that is needed for its execution


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