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Shakespeare’s Sonnets as “haiku”

I wanted to thank all that have shown an interest in my “haiku-year”, it means a lot to me that you take the time to stop by and lend your ear to my words.

This month marks the beginning of the eighth month of my “haiku-year”. I can’t believe that I have, thus far, posted 212 haiku this year. I only have another 153 to go. I’m done with fifty-eight percent of the year.

For my “haiku-year” I have defined “haiku” in the broadest sense possible. The only requirement is the haiku be in the five-seven-five form. I have, therefore, been able to “play” with the form a bit; I’ve experimented with time, art, history, story, and biography. So now it’s time to “play” with Bill.

August finds me in the throes of a Texas summer. (It seems the Texas heat never tires.) While fetching some cilantro from the HEB with a friend, I got the bright idea to “translate” Shakespeare’s Sonnets into “haiku.”

All thought experiments are fine until you try to put flesh on them. I pray I will not I lay waste to the Bard’s barque.

— rlb “beauty fadeth not”