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When the sun is done etching her lines upon my soul
and the sand is finished falling,
remember that you are the best part of my heart.

And all the ups and downs,
all the pressings into shapes untold,
all the works spilt from our misshapen molds,
all the words tumbling and shaping our souls
have not broken us upon our shoals.

Thus you’ve stood with me;
through the torrents of our times,
through the sickness of my sins,
through the fury of my fires.

Thus you’ve stood with me;
beyond our reason,
beyond the promise of Jordan,
beyond milk and honey’s flow,
beyond the silence of the night,
beyond the whispering cringes of the salty bite.

You’ve clasped your hand in mine;
knit your fingers into my flesh;
called your name by mine.
And in the passing of my time
never will I know a better me
than you.

© rl busséll 2018

For she who is a better me.

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7 comments on “The Best of My Heart

  1. Les Bussell says:

    As usual, very good.


    1. rlbussell says:



  2. “never will I know a better me
    than you.”
    Once in a while I read a poem that makes me say, “Oh, wow!” This was one of those poems.


    1. rlbussell says:

      Oh. Wow. Speechless.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. rlbussell says:

      Thank you.


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