Morning’s Maul

United States, War Department. Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1891 (2 vols.).

Some nights... Naomi Shihab Nye,“Hello” Some mornings shy at the dawn,some claw the night to death.We slid into Fridaylike a Sunday afternoon.But soon it bakedour clay in blood.Mid-seven,Mr. Jones scatteredall the birdswith his caw,while the dust danceddown sunlit slidesand the morningmauledthe dawn. © rl busséll 2021 - All rights reserved. Postscript: July 3, 1863 "The … Continue reading Morning’s Maul

Alabaster Arms

Painting: M. Caravaggio, 1601. Oil on canvas 91 inches x 69 inches. Located in the Saint Maria del Popolo Church, Rome. (Detail) Michael’s chiseled hands have 1not formed me as Adonis and yet Medusa’s writhing’s 2have made me as cold as stone. Alabaster arms,alabaster lips,a cold and lifeless form;Pygmalion’s infant 3breath lies ever stillborn.Yet, I … Continue reading Alabaster Arms

M. Caravaggio

Painter. Profligate.Michelangelo, the fool. —Cardsharps in Kahn’s hall. Was there a time when demons conquered, stayed; when Anthony’s tormentors shied away?Why roam through Rome your bravado displayed; why take your eye from your vision to stray?Your meanest tableaus set my mind aflame;Your work has worked itself into myself; Your brush became my only brush with … Continue reading M. Caravaggio